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Mel Loades is delighted to have been able to work with over 75 small and medium sized businesses over the years.

Mel started in senior management in his mid-20s and has accumulated a vast amount of business experience over the years, helping successful businesses becoming more successful and trouble businesses turn successful, often within breath-taking time scales.

His first senior management role was at the age of 27 as FD of a small group of businesses turning over £5m and losing some £250k per month. In less than three years the group had turned that loss to a £300k profit on the same turnover and Mel was central to that success.

From there Mel went on to work in and assist over 70 other companies including being a founder of a start-up in 1993 that listed on AiM in 1996 and was sold for £12.4m in 1999, assisting a company with growth from £1.5m to £50m turnover and turning around severe loss-making companies within very short time periods.

In 2003 Mel became an associate of the Institute for Independent Business, an international organisation of more than 5,000 business advisors to SMEs.

As part of this framework, Mel created UKBA (UK Business Advisors) forming teams of specialised, hand-picked and proven advisors grouped into regional and speciality areas throughout the UK. Mel designed a programme for the better support of SME businesses and promoted and taught the process throughout the UK and Australia.

In addition to his non-executive roles, Mel founded Personal Guarantee in 2008, a company that supports directors and other guarantors of limited company business debt and continues to run that business.

Mel enjoys using his vast business experience to act as non-exec chair to help boards of SMEs to improve their decision-making and direction, leading to greater business success along the lines of those businesses set out in the case studies.

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Case Studies

Start-up to flotation in 3 years and sale of company within further 3 years for £12.4m

Company was a specialist car body repair provider into the motor industry, from the moment Mel saw the process he knew it was a winner. Was a founding director, took it to AiM after 3 years and sold for £12.4m 3 years after that, the business was then across 7 countries in Europe and in the US with 500 employees and a turnover of over £18m. Changed a UK cottage industry into a European leading brand.

Successful manufacturing company long-term role including Covid-19 recovery

Mel has been working with them for 18 years as they increased their turnover from around £2m to £11m, only for the 2020 pandemic to almost halve the turnover in that year with significant losses. Guided the board through such uncertainty to enable them to survive the period using little of the bank’s working capital facilities and returning to good profitability during 2021.

Office refit company £1.5m to £50m turnover in 17 years

Involved in the business 4 years after start-up. Founder/ director had a glass ceiling which would see the company grow to between £8m and £12m and fall back again. By Mel bringing on board and supporting a young ambitious person to develop into a CEO role, the company has achieved this outstanding growth.

Specialist recruitment company £8m turnover hampered by past losses/ debts turned around within 3 months.

Mel was approached by this specialist recruitment company with a turnover of £8m turnover after suffering past losses and bad debts over the previous three years.

It took some time to convince the wealthy and successful 50% shareholder of the benefits of the turnround proposal, but after buying another company through a similar process, the shareholder immediately realised the upside and under Mel’s guidance, the company was turned around and moved into substantial profitability within 3 months.

Family shareholder dispute resolution

Setup by the father who is now 89 years old, the son now ran the business. A shareholder agreement that had not been thought through properly and with siblings involved, became the source of significant family rifts. Mel provided guidance and support to heal the family rifts and put in place commercial arrangements that little room for further family angst.

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